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Visit us at the Motion & Power Tech Expo in Detroit this October!


FluiDyne Fluid Power will be exhibiting at the Motion & Power Tech Expo show this October in Detroit, MI from the 15th to the 17th. Our outstanding Customer Service team will man the FluiDyne booth to answer any questions you might have about our hydraulic pumps, motors and valves. We hope to see you there! Booth 2631.



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FluiDyne Expands line of Pressure Control Valves


Our promise is to provide our customers with high quality, fully tested and technically supported hydraulic controls.We understand just how important lead time is, so we have expanded our product line to include pressure control valves.

Now Stocking the following series:

  • WFC175
  • WFCS/CT 06/10
  • WFCT5/CS5
  • WFFCG02
  • WFFCG03
  • WFRG/RCG 03/06/10
  • WFRS/T, CS/T 06/10
  • WFURG/T 06/10

FluiDyne has the ability to cross over and retro fit obsolete units. Our valves are interchangeable with Yuken, Eaton, Northman, Parker, Vickers, Continental, Rexroth and Tokimec and are guaranteed to perform 100% to the original manufacturer’s specification. All FluiDyne products are backed by an 18 month warranty.

Download our brochure today to learn more! Have any questions or need a quote?

Call, email, chat…we’re ready to help!

Written by: Margo Rentz / Marketing Corrdinator 


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FluiDyne Stocks V200 Series Vane Pumps


FluiDyne Fluid Power stocks V200 series vane pumps. These vane pumps are rated up to 2000 psi and 1800 rpm. They are offered in drop-in replacement on flange mounting (V210), foot mounting (V214) and face mounting (V230) with Buna or Viton seals. The V200 Series has a robust dual shaft bearing design and double lipped shaft seals. Shafts are available in straight keyed long (standard), short, male threaded shaft end and spline. Other shafts are available upon request.

With repairs on V200 Series vane pumps being costly, FluiDyne wants to help our customers save money (Reman units are still be available). Our pumps are 100% performance tested and are ready for immediate shipment. Each pump has 18 month warranty, so if you have any problems with the pump, we have a solution.  

Call, email, chat ... we're ready to help! Download our brochure to learn more!

Written by: Margo Rentz / Marketing Coordinator 

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We're Hiring! Send Us Your Resume!


FluiDyne Fluid Power is a leader in the manufacture and repair of heavy industrial hydraulic pumps and components. We are hiring!

Apply today!

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FluiDyne Stocks Interchange A10V Pumps & Parts


FluiDyne carries a complete line of A10V Pumps to interchange with the popular Rexroth pumps. Available displacement and frame sizes are: 10, 18, 28, 45, 60/63, 71, 100 and 140. We offer controls including DR, DFR, DRG, DFLR, and DFR1. These units provide a quality alternative to other more expensive units. They are 100% tested to meet OEM specifications (providing a long service life) and are ready for immediate shipment! Features include:

·        Maximum Stop Adjustment

·        Long Service Life

·        Low Noise Level

·        Wide Range of Controls

·        SAE or Metric Mounting Flange and Shafts

·        Two Case Drain Connections

·        Continuous Operation Pressure 4000 PSI (280 Bar)

·        18 Month Warranty

·        Same Day Shipment

FluiDyne also stocks the parts for A10V pump repairs. This includes: rotating groups, shafts, seal kits, lens plates, bearing kits and cradles. We also stock couplings for thru shafts, springs, bolts, washers, bearings, multiple pressure controls options, and valve blocks for LH & RH conversions. Download our brochure HERE!

Contact FluiDyne’s customer service representatives for engineering support, help decoding special part numbers or identifying parts within units. Call (586) 296-7200 or email us today at

Written by: Margo Rentz / Marketing Coordinator 

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Full Line of Hydraulic Motors, in Stock!


Is your machine down and you need a replacement fast? FluiDyne can offer you quick upturn to any downtime with our full line of hydraulic motors. Our high torque, low speed motors are available in J, H, S, 500, 2000, 4000, 6000 and 10,000 series. They are the same form, fit and function as the popular brands: Eaton/Charlynn, White, Ross, Parker, TRW and Danfoss.

The upside to hydraulic motors is they are used in many different applications. Including: car washes, boating, saw mills, sweeping machines, spreaders, augers, harvesters, utility trucks, conveyors and many more. The motors are also easily installed with compact design and have a longer life with special driver-link design. There is a low pressure start-up with advanced manufacturing techniques.

FluiDyne’s motors are offered in Nickel plating and Epoxy coating to keep them running strong in severe environments or wash down situations. Our motors are 100% performance tested and are ready for immediate shipment. Each motor has 18 month warranty, so if you have any problems, we have a solution.

Call FluiDyne’s sales team today for a quote! Download our brochure HERE

Written By: Margo Rentz / Marketing Coordinator 


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FluiDyne’s Directional Control & Stak Valves are Ready for Immediate Shipment


Solenoid operated directional control valves are designed for directing and stopping flow at any point in a hydraulic system. FluiDyne’s directional valves interchange with Vickers, Rexroth, Parker and all NFPA style valves in the D03-D08 mountings.  FluiDyne’s directional control valves are available in 3 way, 4 way, 2 & 3 positions, various spool configurations and most common voltages AC, DC, Rectified coils and DIN or wired housing connections.

Modular Stak Valves are “sandwich” mounted between a directional valve and a standard mounting surface. This helps improves the systems design flexibility and reduces leakage. They eliminate external leakage and boosts resistance to contamination for a better overall reliable system. Installation costs are less than when using conventional valves. FluiDyne has the Modular Stak Valves in many different functions i.e.: relief, dual crossover relief, dual check, flow control and pressure reducing. Subplates and multi-station manifolds are also available.  

Call FluiDyne’s Sales team today to receive a quote, or for technical support.


Written By: Margo Rentz / Marketing Coordinator