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Single/Double Multi Pressure Control Valve

FluiDyne’s Pressure Control Valves are used to control machine functions in both industrial and mobile applications. Our Pressure Controls perform pressure relief, reducing, counter balance, sequencing, flow control, and unloading functions in subplate or line mounting. Control pressure can be adjusted by loosening a jam nut and turning the adjustment knob.

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Manual Adjustable Pressure Control Valve

FluiDyne offers a direct acting spring loaded relief for applications requiring a remote control relief valve for pilot operation of variable volume pumps and balanced piston type relief valves.

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Adjustable Relief Hand Sequencing Valve

FluiDyne offers a balanced piston relief valve designed for use in applications requiring an adjustable regulating valve to limit the pressure in a hydraulic circuit to a predetermined maximum. The relief valve consists of a control poppet and main spool which provides low pressure differential and quiet operation. Pressure can be adjusted by loosening a jam nut and turning the adjustment knob. A vent port is provided. These valves are: high flow, gauge port standard, quiet operation / no chatter, optional vent & remote and port connection.